About Lambdoc

Lambdoc is a library providing support for semantically rich documents in web applications, built with Ocsigen/Eliom integration in mind. It includes parsers for three different markup languages: Lambtex, Lambxml, and Lambwiki. The first is inspired by LaTeX, the second is an XML-based markup based on HTML, and the last is a lightweight markup language in the spirit of Markdown and Wiki Creole. The library also includes the possibility of outputing any Lambdoc document as an Ocsigen HTML5 value.

Lambdoc is developed by Dario Teixeira and is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL 2.0.


Lambdoc has the following dependencies. Most of these are available via OPAM:

Two additional dependencies must be met to build the command line utility lambcmd:

Downloads and development

Version 1.0 has not been released yet, and the code is available only via the project's page at GitHub. Users are advised to fetch one of the tagged releases, as trunk is not guaranteed to be stable.

Bulding and Installing

To build only the library run make lib. To perform a Findlib installation of the library, run make install or make reinstall. To remove the package run make uninstall. If you also wish to build the lambcmd command line utility, issue make lambcmd. Finally, if you wish to build everything (library + lambcmd) you may simply run make all or just make.


The manuals for Lambtex and Lambwiki are available online.